One of the things I am most excited about for this trip, and actually the number one reason that I decided to go on the trip, is the Scotland train tour.  Steam trains are awesome.  There are always steam trains in my favourite movies such as the Miss Marples, Poirot movies, Candleshoe, the Railway Children, and Keeping Mum.

So after researching steam trains, I discovered that there is a company that runs several vintage lines in England and Scotland.  And that one of the trains in Scotland is the one featured in Harry Potter!  How cool.

Picture from West Coast Railways official site

The train has two types of compartments:  the traditional ones seen in the majority of the Harry Potter movies, and the open four seats around a table ones seen in one of the later movies.

This is an open style carriage.  Although I suspect that the ones on the actual train will be less nice and more utility.

So my trip in Scotland will include a holiday with Treyn tour company and will be a train tour from Glasgow up to Fort William (where we will ride the steam train) and then back down through Loch Ness on our way back to Glasgow.


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