Packing, ah, one of the most difficult parts of the trip.  What to take, what is too much, what is not enough.  This has caused me a bit of agony, trying to decide what to take.  I wanted to travel light because getting on and off trains and taking buses with luggage is not fun.  So here is the list.  If I have forgotten to pack anything, now is the time to rethink.  I’m still not sure about this whole blog thing.  Maybe this post is not what people are expecting, but to me packing is a big part of the trip.  And if nothing else, this is my documentation of the trip.

The packing fun

– The backpack (holds approx. 30 L)

– 4 shirts

– 2 pants (jeans worn for travel days)

– 4 sets of undergarments / socks

– light capri pj bottoms

– medium weight sweater

– hoodie

– raincoat

– 2 pairs shoes

– 1 small toiletry bag (with the usual)

– camera + extra battery, charger, plug converter (this darn thing weights a ton – at least)

– watch + travel alarm clock

– ear plugs

– pharmaceuticals (tylenol and gravol)

– band-aids and alcohol wipes

– sunscreen

– hat (not shown – already something I forgot initially!)

– purse (with regular purse stuff)

– travel journal + writing utensils

– travel documents and passport

– water bottle (still debating this one)

– also debating bathing suit (none of the hotels have pools, and am I really going to swim in the ocean alone? – I think not, maybe paddling)

– also debating reading material.  What book would be so good that I could read it in train stations for nearly four weeks?

– still to get – soap for washing clothing.  Not sure where to get this, but likely it is fairly common.

The intent is to be able to get this all in the backpack with some room at the top for any accumulated shopping items 🙂  and in case I need to stuff the jacket in.  The weather in England right now is about 10 – 15 degrees and a lot of rain, so I am anticipating wearing the jacket for most travel days.  But expecting the weather to play along has caused me problems before (I went to Berlin in May once and there was an unexpected heat wave.  All I had were long sleeved shirts and sweaters).  So, hopefully this all works out.  It does technically all fit in the backpack, so this should be ok.  As was pointed out to me, I can always mail stuff home if there are those amazing items that just must be purchased.


5 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Suggestions re packing: Bar soap works good for emergency washing clothes and most places where there are laundomats have soap in packets that you can buy when you need a greater lot of laundry done. I always pack something I can use for a facecloth–called a flannel–since we found some places did not supply those with the usual towel supply and it’s good when you need something to wipe your face and hands if you are hot or about to need a wipe up. When I was last in England, most public washrooms charged for paper towel use so having you own “flannel” saves cost.

  2. You can find small packets of powdered soap at lingerie shops or in that section of department stores. I believe the the brand is called “Forever New.” They can also be found at the Tillie Store/ Art of Travel across from Cornwall Centre (different brand).

    If you want more packing tips try onebag.com? They have some great ideas.

    Have a great time, only a few more sleeps!


  3. You can find small packets of soap at all lingerie stores or in that section of department stores. They can also be found at the Tillie store/ Art of Travel across from Cornwall Centre.

    If you’d like more packing tips take a look at onebag.com. Wonderful site for packing light. For books I would suggest an e-reader but that is an added expense.

    Only a few more sleeps! Have a great trip.

  4. Thanks for the soap tips. I’ll have a look round and see what options there are.

    The onebag site is really cool as well.

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