Well, here I am in Lyme Regis.  Rather dull and cloudy weather and sadly rain.  You never know whether to have a raincoat, sweater or hat.  I took all three and it was a good thing I did.

So, yesterday was Boat Launch day.  There is a local ship building school and twice a year they have a day where the students launch their major projects and go around the harbour.  It was so much fun to watch, I felt like I was a local down to see the boats off.  Just in amongst all the family and friends who where there to cheer on the boats.  Everyone was taking photos of the boats and there were about a hundred people, including the mayor.  Unfortunately just as everyone was admiring the boats was the heaviest rain of the day.  But it cleared off a bit for the launch.

There were about 7 boats being launched.  Each one was built (or in 2 cases, restored) by a pair of shipbuilding students.  There were 3 small sailboats, 2 speed boats, 1 restored motor boat, and 1 double person row boat.

Launch of one of the sail boats

It was a bit scary when they launched the boats.  They just carried or wheeled them right through the crowd to the water.  I was worried that someone would slip on the wet ground and the boat would take off, but all was well.  The man in the bowler hat was the launch organizer, but I’m not sure who he was because I couldn’t hear all the speeches.  Each of the teams opened a bottle of champange when the boat made it into the water.

Sailboat and the double row boat in the harbour

The craftsmanship was amazing.  All (except one speedboat) appeared to be handcrafted wooden boats.  The one speedboat looked plastic, so I’m not sure how that is done.  Apparently you can just sign up for the classes and do a year or just a woodworking weekend.

The rain covered oars for the double row boat


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