Visited the Geevor Tin Mine yesterday.  It has been a tin mine for hundreds of years.  From the days of hand chipping away up until the early 1990’s when the mine was closed for good.  It was a really interesting experience, although a little creepy.  They had it set up as though the miners had just got up and left one day leaving all their belongings behind.  And there were not very many people visiting, so it was just me, wandering around a ghost mine.  The Dry (where they change and clock in) was the most creepy.  They even had fake men in the showers – that gave me a scare when I came round the corner.

Creepy locker room

I also went through the factory where the tin would have been extracted from the rock.  It was also deserted, the machinery rusting in place.

We got to go underground as well.  Not the modern mine part with the elevator (this is under water and they don’t have the money to pump it out), instead we went into the old 1800’s part where the first miners would have been.  It was damp and creepy in the dark tunnel but well worth it.

Funnel from an old factory where the arsenic fumes vent

This is a short description, maybe I’ll add more later, but my internet has just run out.  Bye for now.


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