Food has been interesting here.  I’m not always happy with the choices I make, but I guess that is part of the adventure.  Also, there is a weird thing here where there are a few types of restaurants.  1. Ones that are open all day for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.  But there are not many of these.  2. Places open only for lunch and tea and close at four ish.  3. Places that are open only for dinner and not until anywhere from 5.30 – 7.  So it makes it a bit of a challenge finding somewhere to eat for dinner.  Especially for me, as I’m used to eating at 5 or 6 at home.  And by the end of the day you just want to sit somewhere and relax, but you can’t, you have to wait.

Pasty on the beach

On my first night in Lyme Regis I had a pasty.  Bacon and leek.  I ate it on the beach.  It was ok, but I haven’t been able to have another one, because I just can’t face eating all that pastry again.  So much of the quick food here is bread heavy.  Pastries, breaded fish and chips, tea scones.  Makes you wish for a salad.

Pasty shop

I got the pasty cheap for a pound because it was the end of the day too.  Am I thrifty or what.

So, the food adventure continues.  I had a nice lunch at the Mill Cafe when I visited the mill.

World’s chewyist ham sandwich

It was a lovely sounding ham sandwich with greens, gherkins and mustard.  With hot chocolate (although the cream came on the side in a little plate.  Odd)  And the sandwich really was quite nice, it was on home made bread.  That was also the failing.  The bread was so chewy and the crust a bit to crisp that it made eating rather difficult.  I watched one older lady struggle and I feared she would lose a tooth.

the Mill restaurant

A family came in just as I was leaving and were going to get their four year old a ham sandwich.  I felt compelled to describe the sandwich to them.  I didn’t want them to be unpleasantly surprised when the kid couldn’t bite into the bread.  But over all it was a nice place, although I almost didn’t find it.

One thing I was excited for was Indian takeaway.

 So, there was a lovely naan bread, it was soft and really one of the best that I have had.  Then a raita which was odd.  It was literally just yogurt and juliened cucumbers, no spices or anything.  Then a chicken korma which was ok, but not my favourite.  I think I didn’t love it because it was a bit to heavy on the coconut which of course is the whole point.  And then fennel spiced basmati rice which was nice.


 The restaurant interestingly didn’t have butter chicken on the menu.  Maybe that is only interesting to me, but it’s pretty much the only thing I ever get.  So it is probably a good thing that they didn’t sell it since it forced me to try something new.

And of course what visit to England would be complete without a cream tea.

Cream tea

I don’t actually drink tea much so I got mine with hot chocolate.  It came with an absolute mountain of whipped cream on top.  The scones were tasty, as was the jam, but sadly I am not a fan of the clotted cream.  It had an odd taste that I wasn’t fond of.  But still worth the experience.


One thought on “Lyme Regis food

  1. Hi Laura: Had a wrinkle in my last attempt to reply so am trying again. Not sure whether the first incomplete one went through or not. Wanted you to know I am enjoying your photos and your explanations and appreciate the time you’ve been taking to do this. We’ve had very wet weather here since you left so hope you are seeing a bit more sunshine than we are. My balcony garden seems to like the moisture, though. Fresh lettuce first picking was yesterday.

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