Well, I have now visited one of the biggest disappointments of the trip.  Land’s End.  I hadn’t done any research on the site because I just assumed and invisioned a rustic coastal setting.  Rugged hills and a remote location leading to the signpost showing the distances to the major cities of the world.  A romantic image of an unspoiled place.  The end of the world.

Sadly this was not the case.  I arrived by bus and was let off at the coach parking lot for all the bus tours.  And there seemed to be a lot of buildings which turned out to be three restaurants, a petting zoo, a craft market, a shopping centre and, most bizarrely, a theme park type thing.  I was overwhelmed by the commercializing.

The horrible Land’s End commercialism

Even the signpost had been turned into a commercial venture.  You couldn’t just walk up and take a picture (although I managed to get one without any other tourists in it.  a miracle), you had to pay ten pounds (like fifteen dollars) and they would put up your home town with the distance and take your picture and then mail you the print.  And they could keep your picture and use it in their advertising.  I don’t think I have to even say that I declined that bit.  They had a big poster to places all over the world, but of course my home town was not listed.  Why do they always pick the other big city in the provence, we are the capital, honestly.

The sadly commercial sign post, the empty one is for your own town


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