Right, so food in Cornwall.  The first place I ate at was a Mexican restaurant.  I don’t know why I always pick these places that will most assuredly have cilantro in the food.  But I had a burrito and it was ok.  It came with a really, really good mexican rice.  I broke my no restaurants more than once rule to go have the rice again, but this time with a salad.  The salad was odd, it was all really big pieces of things.  A giant, but thin slice of watermelon and one of grapefruit and then a couple of whole leaves of iceberg lettuce and there was juilened pieces of cucumber that were about five inches long.  It was hard to eat as everything had to be cut up.

Mexican rice and a salad.

Mexican restaurant

And then what would a visit to Cornwall be without a crab sandwich.  Apparently this is one of the three must haves (pasty, cream tea, and crab sandwich).  So I did, although I wasn’t expecting it to be just crab.  Fresh crab, but just crab and buttered bread.  I guess that is the whole point – to experience the taste of the seafood, but I found it a bit dry and had to add a bit of mayonaise.  It came with a salad with no dressing.  The only dressing option was a little packet of ‘salad cream’ which looked suspect and I couldn’t determine from the ingredients quite what the type of dressing was, so in the end I just put all the lettuce onto the crab sandwich.

Crab sandwich

Crab sandwich cafe overlooking the harbour

I needed a bit of comfort food so on one night I went to an Italian restaurant and had spaghetti.  Just plain old spaghetti and tomato sauce.  It was just what I needed.  And I had a really good lemon mascarpone cake for dessert.  The dessert was amazing.  I don’t know how they did it but I might try to make something like it.

Lemon mascarpone dessert

Peppers Italian restaurant

And to finish it off (this of course is not every meal, just a sampling) I have to mention my lunch at St. Michaels Mount (which was a disappointing castle – no dungeons).  I had the leek and potato soup with bagette.  Which I think was all homemade by the cafe.  The cafe was in what used to be the laundry building for the castle.  They had pictures up of what it would have looked like but it was hard to imagine.  I think they should have left more detailing or props from the old laundry days.

Leek and potato soup with fresh bagette

Cafe at St. Michaels Mount


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