Food in Bath was interesting and fairly assorted.  On the night I arrived, I was tired from travelling all day and ended up in a Moroccan restaurant called Cafe du Globe.  The food that other people where eating looked really good but I didn’t think I could eat a whole tangine worth of food.  Individual tangines, but still.  So I had the tapas platter with fresh pita bread.  It was quite good.  The cold platter included:  beet salad (ho hum, I don’t really like beets); stewed eggplant (really good); cooked spinach (ok); a hunk of feta (goat, I think); a falafal (good), taboulleh (with cilantro – sigh), carrots in a sweet sauce (ho-hum); and mixed cooked veggies (ok).  And the pita bread was sooo good. It was soft and fresh.  I had two.  The platter was an appetizer but it was so much food, I could never have eaten the full meal.  Normally if I was at home I could just take some home for the next day, but my hotels have not had fridges and so I can’t save food.  Which is sad, because leftover Moroccan food is far superior to granola for breakfast.

Moroccan food

Moroccan restaurant – Cafe du Globe

Lunch on my second day I went for pizza at the Real Italian Pizza Co.  The pizza was huge – thin crust – but still, it was a lot of food.  I had one with tomato sauce, grana cheese (like parmesan), parma ham and finished with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  It was actually really good, but a bit too salty.  Probably the cheese.  I sat facing the open pizza kitchen which cool.  I only cringed a few times over food safety, but over all it was fun to watch the two chefs making all the pizzas fresh.  They had glass shelves over the workstation with bowls of all the pizza ingredients and they wielded the paddle with confidence as they whisked pizzas in and out of the clay oven.  I could see the fire in the oven, so cool.


Real Italian Pizza Co.

On my third day I had a pick up lunch of salad (not pictured – I forgot) and sat outside and ate it.  I was not near the river, but there was a lady duck who stood in front of me and waited for food.  I didn’t give her any, she should be eating algae on the river.  At one point she came right up to my legs and was touching me with her head staring at my container of salad.  I pushed her away.  The last thing I wanted was a duck suddenly on my lap trying to eat my salad.  The salad sadly was bland.  So lame.

Duck, circling, waiting for food

On my last night I ate at a place called Brown’s which was just an average bar / restaurant.  They didn’t have room for me in the restaurant and so I had a seat in the bar.  It was actually good that it happened that way because I spent an incredibly entertaining evening watching the staff and the one poor overworked bartender who was in charge of all the people in the bar, the drinks for everyone in the restaurant and cleaning and stocking the bar.  I had a burger which was really good, it came with caramalized onions and the most tiny pickles I have ever seen.  Sadly there is no picture, I was so hungry that I was finished most of the burger before I remembered my camera.  I did get a picture of dessert which was a truly gross hot chocolate.  It was made with 70% chocolate, which is lovely in bar form but in drink form is extremely bitter and odd tasting.  A bit of sugar would have gone a long way.  And I had a salted caramel chocolate cheese cake which was excellent.  Although I couldn’t taste any salt, it was just caramel.

Salted caramel chocolate cake


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