Edinburgh was an interesting city.  Unfortunately by this point in my trip I was getting pretty tired and I know I didn’t take advantage of everything that could have been done or seen in the city.  I was mainly in the downtown touristy area of town.  So, the food.

On the first day I opted for a comfort food lunch at an Italian place called Rocco’s and had pasta with tomato sauce and mozzerella.  Another very basic meal, but I sometimes found it hard to seek out adventureous places on my own.  Also, there is something weird either about my own dinner hour habits or else everyone else are the weird ones.  I was often the only person eating in the restaurant.  I had lunch at Rocco’s at noon and I was the only person there.  In fact a group of American ladies came in to get some ice because one of them had fallen and they mistook me for staff.  It was awkward.

Penne with marinara

Rocco’s, on the Edinburgh Royal Mile

That same night I went into an interesting family restaurant called The Filling Station.  Bizarrely, in the middle of Scotland, it was a vintage American motoring themed restaurant.  There were hub caps on the walls and pictures of classic cars.  It was full of people but I managed to snag a small table in the back.  I had a Cajan chicken wrap which was good.  It wasn’t soft like a wrap comes usually, it had been baked in the oven for a few minutes so the whole thing was warm and the outer wrap was crispy.  I found that the chicken tasted surprisingly like kfc chicken which was interesting.  The wrap came with an amazing, delicious coleslaw made with red cabbage and grated carrot.  I don’t know why it was so good, but I loved it.  Later I saw a large side order of coleslaw going to another table, so I guess other people love it too.  And there were some standard fries.

The wrap with really excellent coleslaw

The Filling Station

And now, the lunch from the Royal Yacht Britannia.  I had the lunch combo that came with soup, sandwich and potato wedges.  The soup was an excellent roasted red pepper.  The sandwich was smoked salmon and cream cheese which I found a bit dry.  The menu had said the cream cheese was flavoured with cracked black pepper and lemon, but I couldn’t detect any trace of either.  And the potato wedges were seasoned well and came with a yummy garlic mayonnaise.  The restaurant was on a top viewing deck and was completly enclosed with glass for a panoramic view of the harbour.

Royal Yacht lunch

Royal Yacht Britannia

On my last day in Edinburgh I happened to come across a pub called The Advocate.  The sign outside had a tagline too that said:  “The Advocate : called to the bar”.  I thought it was quite funny so I went in for lunch.  Over the course of my holiday I’ve had a self imposed rule that I couldn’t eat at the same place twice in order to try as many places as possible.  If I had been in Edinburgh longer I would have broken that rule to try more foods from their menu.  Everything that everyone else was eating looked really good.  I ended up having a taco salad which they called the Mexican Chilli Basket Salad.  It was made with a homemade tortilla shell and was topped with the usual taco salad toppings except that instead of just flavoured meat, it had actually chilli, which was good and clearly homemade as well.

Taco salad, aka Mexican Chilli Basket Salad

Awesomest tag line ever. ‘Called to the bar’


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