Well folks, this is my last post, I think.  I guess if anyone had any questions I could talk about anything else I did or load a few more pictures.

This food post is all combined because they were all short stays and it would mean three small posts instead of one big one, and I opted for the big post.

So, Fort William.  Most of the food here was the dinners that were provided at the West End hotel as part of our package.  It was a lot of food though, a four course meal every night.  Always a choice of three starters.  I had grapefruit juice most of the time because it was often a cold prawn salad or haggis and I know, I should have been adventurous, but no.  The one night there was a pate salad platter and I did have that.  Then always one soup which was always really good – there was tomato/red pepper, lentil, scotch broth, and something else that I can’t remember.  Then a choice of four mains.  Always an options was a cold plate which I tried once that had cold pork, salad, coleslaw, hard boiled egg, boiled potato, fried potato and potato salad – clearly way to much potato.  And then a veggie option – I had a mushroom stroganoff one night, macaroni and cheese (which came with boiled and fried potato – why all the starches?), and a veggie stirfry on rice another night.  The meat options were roast beef and lamb – usual kind of things.  And to finish there was three choices – always ice cream and then a variety of cakes and crumbles that were ok.  By that point everyone was always groaning with food.  I definitely ate way too much.

Pate appetizer

On our one free day in Fort William I had planned to go to an Indian restaurant but I got inside and it smelled funny and the lunch options didn’t look all that appealing.  I wish that Indian restaurants offered small meal deals rather than one person having to order rice and naan and everything separately.  So instead I went across the street to a cafe called Cafe 115.  Don’t know what the number meant.  But I had the most lovely lunch.  They did bagel sandwiches and I honestly had not seen a single bagel my whole visit in the UK.  So I had a delicious toasted bagel with pastrami, gherkins and a bit of sour cream.  And it came with a salad and veggie chips (I don’t think they were home made, but still good).  It was so nice.

Bagel sandwich

On the steam train day, we had two hours for lunch in Mallaig and I had fish and chips, although by this time it is dawning on me that although everyone says that “oh you can’t miss having fish and chips”, I really don’t like most fish and chips.  They are usually too greasy, the batter is too heavy or the chips are lame in some way.  I ate with a couple who were on the tour with me  and the lady had fresh Scottish mussels in the shell in a garlic sauce with  baguette.  That is what I should have had.  Oh well.  But one success was the midmorning treat that I had from the trolley on the steam train.  It was a light cookie with a mound of marshmallow cream on top and then the whole thing was covered in chocolate.  It was so good, like a marshmallow happy wagon wheel.  I actually bought a whole box and carefully brought them home.  Only a few got a bit squished.  For some reason it was called a tea cake.  I couldn’t invision many people enjoying marshmallow fluff with tea and it wasn’t at all like a cake.

Fish and chips in Mallaig

Tea cake on steam train

Then there was the Loch Ness day.  We were out all day and only had time for lunch at the Loch Ness visitor’s centre cafe.  No one on the trip liked the cafe, they all thought it was hideously overpriced, but I was ok with the food.  I had a grilled pannini filled with tuna salad and it came with a lettuce salad (which I stuffed into the pannini) and a few plain chips on the side and some sort of chutney.  I know that tuna salad may seem like an odd thing to have in another country, and even here I would hesitate to get it because you never know what it is made with, but all the restaurants in the UK seemed to use real mayonnaise which I think is essential to a good tuna sandwich.

Tuna panini

Finally the Glasgow restaurants.  Again I was on an Italian kick.  I tried the Italian restaurant next to the hotel on the first night of our tour and it was not a success.  I had a chicken stew on rice but it was so heavily seasoned with rosemary that I could barely choke it down.  But I hate making a fuss, so I took the rest in a to-go container and then threw it out when I got back to the hotel.  I felt bad, but it was awful.  Maybe some people like an overwhelming amount of rosemary.

On the last night in Glasgow, at the end of the trip, I ate out at another Italian restaurant with some of the ladies from the trip, and it was a really nice meal.  I had a divine bruschetta with small salad, followed by a half order of spaghetti.  And then finished off with a really good lemon cheesecake.

Bruschetta again


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