Laura’s UK Holiday 2012 blog is going through some changes!  And I’m going to Greece!  I wanted to share the future Greece adventures, but it didn’t seem right to post about Greece on a blog called UK Holiday.  So from now on the blog is called Eclectic Adventure!  Everything should still send out by email and whatnot, but you might have to check or redo bookmarks to make sure things still work.

I’m going to be travelling with my sister for seven weeks.  We are going to be Woofing for part of the time,which is WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, although I’m not sure if there will be any posts about our places because of security and privacy, we will see.  Part of the time will be spent touring around seeing the sights and seeing how classical and modern Greece collide.  It’s the off season in Greece for tourist travel right now, so we are hoping that most things will still be open and running, especially the ferries to some of the islands.  We are hoping to see the islands of Crete, Santorini, Naxos, Delos (via Mykanos) and Nisyros (via Rhodes).  But that is a wish list – we’ll have to see what the ferries or flights are like in terms of availability and expense.  And we are looking forward to seeing Meteora (monasteries on the top of tall rock things), the Vikos Gorge, Delphi, and the Acropolis.  Of course this is all a hypothetical plan, since weather, transportation and interest in other things might cause unexpected adventures.  My sister wants to do lots of hiking, so I’ll have to see if I can keep up!

I have no idea what the internet availability will be so the posts might be sporadic and then continue after I return.  But the intent is for it to be similar to the UK holiday posts.  So, here we go off into the unknown, only a few days left until departure.


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