Harbour at Naoussa

Harbour at Naoussa

Our first port of call in the Greek islands was Paros.  We had been recommended the island and we weren’t disappointed.  The car/passenger ferry from Piraeus (the Athens port) took four hours to take us to Paros and we landed to heat and sun.  We were two days on Paros in the lovely town of Parikia.  Our hotel, Sirocco’s, had been picked by our travel agency and it was nice and clean.  It was up the hill a bit on the top end of the town but it wasn’t too bad walking up and down.  The town had lovely little back streets that wound around the blocky white buildings that are so commonly associated with the islands.  Our only problem was that when we had free time for shopping in the afternoon, everything was closed for siestas (or whatever the Greek word for siesta is).  Even though it was March we found that a lot of the restaurants were open and most of the cafes.  On our second day we took the bus to the nearby fishing village of Naoussa  I don’t have as many pictures as I would like from Paros because I was still to embarrassed to take many in front of all the local Greek people.  On thing that we have noticed is that we get stared at all the time.  We will walk by a cafe and everyone’s head will turn and follow our progress.  Or we will pass people on the street and heads will turn and follow us.  Mostly male heads. Although no one ever says anything or harasses us in any way.  You would think everyone was fairly used to tourists.  And it would be nice to know what pegs us as tourists.  It was probably my hat.  No one, I repeat no one, wears a hat in Greece.

Back streets of Parikia

Back streets of Parikia


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