I debated over whether I would post about this place and in the end I decided I would because we spent six nights here which was our longest consecutive stay at any place in Greece.  I debated because I have mixed feelings about the visit – there were some good and some not so good aspects and I didn’t want to be too down on the place because the staff were all super nice to us.  Hotel Hamam is up in the northern most part of Greece – we could actually see Bulgaria from the hotel.  We visited because there are natural hot springs in the area (similar to Temple Gardens in Moose Jaw) and we figured that we might need a break and a bit of relaxation and indeed it was a relaxing time.  We bathed twice a day for a total of  ten times.  I’m not convinced that the waters had any amazing curative powers but it was fun.  The baths are private, so each time we bathed we had an allotted time and we popped down from our room and locked ourselves into the private change rooms and bath area.  The hotel also runs baths for people to come and just use them on their own without staying at the hotel, so there was always a lot of activity.  In the above picture, the lighter part of the building is the hotel and the stone part is the baths for the hotel guests.

More, smaller baths for non-hotel guests.

More, smaller private baths for non-hotel guests.

Some things we weren’t so thrilled about.  The hotel was technically in (or in actual fact, beside) the town of Agistro but unfortunately the town has basically no amenities other than two little grocery shops, a bus stop and a pay phone (which I could not get to work), and I never did manage to find a mail box.  Since we didn’t have a car were basically hotel bound except for walking to the village for dinner, going for hikes or spending a ridiculous amount of time in the lobby reading and playing chess.  (Either I remembered a lot more about chess than I thought or my sister was just not on the ball – I was the overall champ that week.)  We even had our own table in the lobby staked out.  It also rained a few days which prevented any walks and a downside to spending so much time in the lobby was that it was also the place where all the visitors to the baths waited for their turn and since smoking is practically a national sport it was constantly hazy.

On our walk - a herd of sheep and goats.

On a walk – a herd of sheep and goats.

This is the inside of the baths with my flash

This is the inside of the baths with my flash, it was actually much darker as there was only one small light bulb that gave off an atmospheric yellow glow.


2 thoughts on “Northern Greece retreat

  1. Not sure where you are at the present time, but just wanted you to know I’ve been enjoying your photos and descriptions. Take care.

  2. I’m just home now and I still have a few more posts to do. Internet was hard to find when we were in Greece, although if we had taken our phones we could have used the wireless anywhere. Glad you like the posts. 🙂

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