Ogema station


This post is a bit out of the blue, but I love trains so this just had to be shared.  The locale is also a bit less exotic than my previous posts.  Well, less exotic if you are from Saskatchewan maybe.  I suppose if you were from Greece, this would be very different than the norm.  It is increasing difficult to ride trains in Canada  and the routes that are left are becoming prohibitively expensive.  When I did my train tour in Scotland, everyone was surprised that I hadn’t ridden on all the cross country and mountain train routes here, but it is a big undertaking to drive or fly to both ends of the train.  And if I’m going to do that, I’ve always opted to just go overseas.  Anyway, I’m going to try to do more posts from closer to home Canadian attractions.

So there are little tourist attraction trains popping up all over where you can do a short ride.  This one is the Southern Prairie Railway in Omega, Saskatchewan, which is only a day trip from where I live.  We went near the end of the summer on a Sunday and it was probably the coldest dreariest day of the entire summer.  Nevertheless, it was a super fun little tour.  We did the grain elevator tour, which is called the Heritage Train, and was a ride out on the train to an old grain elevator, a tour of said elevator, and then the ride back on the train.  It’s not a long ride on the train, I think the whole trip was about two hours.  There were a couple of other different types of tours available including ones with meals, one on Saturday mornings that goes out to a local farmers market and some of the trains have train robbers!  The robbers raise money for charity.  Sadly we didn’t get to see that, but it sounds exciting.


The basic adult fare was $45 per person and this also included entrance into the Deep South Pioneer Museum in Ogema.  We went there after the train ride and it was interesting but there was just too much for us to look at so we got a bit tired out.  They had tons of houses and large buildings filled with masses of old timey stuff.  As well, and I found this a little odd, they had a section of wood carvings which featured the faces of all the prime ministers of Canada and premiers of Saskatchewan.  Each one was an amazingly realistic relief carving about the size of a dinner plate.

Would we go again? Maybe, on one of the other tours.  It is a lot of driving for a two hour tour, so it might be a good idea to have other things planned in the area.  To make it a full day we combined the visit with a round trip up through Assiniboia to see the Shurniak Art Gallery and then swung up through Moose Jaw for dinner.


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