My big holiday last year was closer to home – if you can call flying a thousand of kilometres “close”.  But since it was still in Canada, I consider it to be a small holiday rather than a big holiday (which, for me, would be overseas).  We kicked off the holiday with a trip to the cottage.  And no trip to the cottage is complete without a trip for afternoon tea.  Which sounds a bit ridiculous maybe since it’s not something one normally associates with cottage – lake – forest – etc.  But you never know what little gem you will find in the middle of nowhere.  Now maybe the Old Schoolhouse Tea Room might not like to be called the “middle of nowhere”, but it’s definitely not  something you can stumble across by accident.




This visit (as it was my fourth, I think) we opted for the soups.  I had agonized over what to have – the full tea or not, the full tea or not.  In the end  I had the butternut squash with tea sandwiches (2 egg, 2 turkey, 2 cucumber and radish), and my partner had cauliflower soup with a scone.  Everything was delicious.  Like, really good.  They also have a few other meal options like shepherd’s pie and vegetarian lasagne.  And the big “tea” meal is the afternoon tea, served on one of the triple tier plates pictured below.  On the tea you get sandwiches on the bottom, scones with jam and cream in the middle, and desserts on the top. Oh, and you get tea.  🙂  I’m not much of a tea drinker so I’ve never paid attention to that part, but I think they have quite a selection.  I’ve had the full tea more than once and it is delicious.   When we were there this time, there was a group of ladies who had a regular meal (I think they all had shepherd’s pie), and THEN they had the cream tea as well which is scones and dessert.  I don’t know how they ate that much!   We had the carrot cake for our dessert which we asked to share and they brought it out cut in half on our own little plates – so nice.


My mother donated this adorable miniature school – it’s now sitting on the piano at the tea house.


It’s called the Schoolroom tea room, as you can see below, because it is in an old one room schoolhouse.  Inside it is packed with old school memorabilia, as well as tea cups and tea sandwich towers.  I always make a reservation because I don’t want to drive all the way there and find out it is packed that day.

They also do dinners – and special meals including a Dicken’s Christmas Dinner by lamplight, where you have a dinner then listen to A Christmas Carol.  How cool is that!

I would recommend visiting here whenever possible!



This sign is in the front window – and I think the carrot cake is worth it !!!!




5 thoughts on “The Old Schoolhouse Tea Room

  1. Thanks for keeping me on your list. Love your photos of the Tea Room. Interesting spot.

  2. Hi Laura,
    My name is Cindy and I manage The Old Schoolhouse Tea Room’s Facebook page. I have come across this beautiful blog post of yours and would like to ask if you would you mind sharing it to our Facebook page? Thank you for the kind review and your photos are wonderful!
    Hoping to hear from you,

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