I love visiting ruins, Roman ruins are awesome, but in Canada there is no chance of that, so the only option is to visit them overseas.  I will admit though, I never really thought about the Roman Empire on the south side of the Mediterranean, but of course they went everywhere.  Volubilis was so cool to see and the very idea that we were walking where Romans walked is mind blowing for me.  The site seemed large and we learned that it was only partially uncovered (the rest being still unexcavated).  The parts that were uncovered were amazing.  There were so many tiled mosaic floors — all just open to the sky.  We couldn’t walk on the tiles but they were all beautiful and complete, or near complete.  I didn’t realize that it was ok for such old mosaics to be exposed to the elements — the hot sun especially, but maybe that isn’t a problem.


A portion of mosaic. It was hard to get great pictures of the whole thing because of the shadows cast by short walls and sometimes because of others in my tour casting shadows while trying to get their own perfect shot.


The most photographed bird in Morocco. I’m pretty sure almost everyone in my tour group has this same picture.

Some of the ruins were original (as in, still standing from the Roman times), and some had been reconstructed.  In some areas parts have been filled in — as shown in the picture above, you can see the brick was added into the surviving columns.  In some places it was difficult to tell if it was original or reconstruction, so I kept asking our guide.  Everyone seemed to think it was funny that I kept asking, but I just like to know.  It doesn’t matter to me which is which, I’m just insatiably curious.


More ruins and that bird again.

I unfortunately have no insight into the practicalities of visiting Volubilis.  As it was part of our tour, I have no idea how much it costs to visit or how to get there.  Although, in terms of distance on the roads, we spent the morning in Meknes, then drove to Volubilis, where we visited at least an hour and then we drove on to Fes. I can say that they had very nice modern bathrooms at the ruins, however there is absolutely no shade so a hat is a must — even in February.


One thought on “Roman Volubilis

  1. Thanks for sharing photos of a part of the world I hadn’t even heard of before. Always enjoy seeing where you have journeyed.

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